This Gift Guide Will Officially Make Your In-Laws Love You

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

You've bought all those fancy gifts for yourself (hello: bougie candles, new boots that you won't even be able to wear, and one more cozy throw pillow to add to your collection). You even crossed your parents, BFF, and significant other off of your holiday list. But what about presents for arguably the toughest gifting group of all: your in-laws?


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They're nearly impossible to shop for (because their interests are always changing and what can you get them that their children haven't already) but if your pick is good, you'll curry favor with the in-laws for the entire year. And let's be real, sometimes gift-giving praise from them is more important than praise from your own family.


That's where we come in: We searched high and low to find the most thoughtful ​and​ useful presents for everyone in your partner's family. And trust us — whether you're married to your S.O. or not — these finds will make you everyone's favorite.

For your mother-in-law:

Jeni's 6-Pint Holiday Collection, $68


Get your mother-in-law ice cream. That's all we have to say, get her ice cream (especially if it's a variety pack of carefully curated flavors that ships right to her door). The holiday collection from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams can be delivered anywhere in the United States. And that Blackout Chocolate Cake pint is just delish.


Topshop Lightweight Check Scarf, $35

She'll appreciate almost any style item from you because, let's face it, clothes picked by someone from a younger generation automatically feel way cooler. And this check scarf from Nordstrom is completely timeless. Quirky mothers-in-law or conservative ones will be impressed. And a little hint: Make sure to tell her it was made in Italy (which is true!), so she'll think you spent way more than you did.


Recreation Center Chonk Mug, $46

This is the cutest mug for cute moms-in-law only. We love that it's organic and chic on the outside, fun on the inside, and completely chonky all over.


For your father-in-law:

Fuego Box Small-Batch Quarterly Hot Sauce Subscription, $120

Does your father-in-law crave sauces and everything spicy? Then this Fuego Box hot sauce subscription will be the gift that keeps on giving. He can char his taste buds all year long with this collection of high quality and small-batch mixes from around the world. As an added bonus, Fuego Box promises that none of these toppings are gimmicky or tasteless; they're just plain ol' good.


Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet, starting at $50

Another food-related gift because we're convinced all in-law dads love to eat. And this artisan salami will appeal to the fellow with more austere tastebuds and the one who just wants a good hunk of cured meat whether it's fancy or not. We're suckers for the cute packaging that's both rustic and sweet. It doesn't even require additional gift wrap.


Artisan Scribe Leather Journal, $22.99

Is your pa-in-law (sorry) a tinkerer, artist, or man of deep thoughts? No matter which category he falls into, he'll appreciate a pocket-sized, sturdy leather notepad that can accompany him anywhere and be filled with random musings, measurements, sketches, little poems, and more. We like this one because it's cute but still rugged, and it can hold a pen as well as receipts or other paper clippings.

For your sister-in-law:

World Market Celestial Beaded Trinket Tray, $14.99

This hand-beaded, velvet tray is perfect for the cool sis-in-law who's got her head in the celestial stars (in the best possible way). She can fill it with mementos, all her sweet rings, and even mini bedtime necessities like melatonin gummies and scents for her oil diffuser.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, $119

Speaking of oil diffusers, why not treat your fave sister (who's not blood-related) to the greatest of them all: the timeless diffuser from Vitruvi? If you buy directly from the Vitruvi site you get a free oil blend (which, hello, means two gifts in one), and this beauty comes in five stunning colors. The terracotta is our fave, though, because it works for so many aesthetics.

Crosley Charlotte Bluetooth Speaker, $41.97

If music is her thing, your sister-in-law will love this Bluetooth speaker. It's portable, not too bulky, and it looks vintage but not dated — the perfect combo. Plus, the sound quality is immaculate at a reasonable price point.

For your brother-in-law:

Ninja 4-Quart Air Fryer, $69

Your brother-in-law needs an air fryer. Actually, everyone needs an air fryer, but your bro by marriage needs one most. It'll level up his gaming snacks (tell him to get ready for the crispiest fries, wings, dumplings, and mozzarella sticks). And if he's ready to embark on a new journey where mom doesn't make all of his meals, this handy gadget from Ninja can even cook things like steak, broccoli, and smashed potatoes.

Champion Classic Twill Strapback Dad Hat, $17.50

Yes, this is called a dad hat. But it's actually your bro-in-law who'll love it. Classic enough to work with any style, whether it's sporty, tailored, or off-duty glam, the black twill option is also incredibly trendy. And if you're close, we recommend getting a second one of these caps for yourself, so you and the giftee can twin and make your significant other super jealous.

Brian, Dave, Neil and Colin Baseball Park Map Glasses, $35

If your brother-in-law loves whiskey and baseball, we have the perfect pick for him. This set, which can be purchased at Uncommon Goods, includes two fun glasses that feature the MLB team stadium of their choosing.