The Biggest DIY Trends of 2020, According to Google

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Google just announced its Year in Search for 2020 and it is truly a reflection of what we've all been living through this year. This is especially reflected in the "How to make ..." and "Recipes" sections, reminding us of all the DIY projects we've taken on these past 12 months.

In the "How to make ..." section, the top search was unsurprisingly "How to make hand sanitizer." Next up, of course, was "How to make a face mask with fabric." Following that was a search that indicated just how popular TikTok was throughout 2020: "How to make whipped coffee." The rest of the list is as follows:

  1. How to make a mask with a bandana
  2. How to make a mask without sewing
  3. How to make cloud bread
  4. How to make Facebook avatar
  5. How to make Bitmoji classroom
  6. How to make disinfectant wipes
  7. How to make a live wallpaper

When it comes to recipes, you can probably guess the top search: "Sourdough bread." Then, just like with the "How to make..." section, we have the infamous "Whipped coffee." The rest of the list showcases how much people wanted to recreate their favorite in-person experiences — like Disney and IKEA — from the comfort of their own homes:

  1. Disney churro
  2. Dole Whip
  3. DoubleTree cookie
  4. Ikea meatball
  5. Chaffle
  6. Hamburger bun
  7. Egg salad sandwich
  8. Healthy banana bread

Did any of the top searches surprise you? Honestly, we thought that banana bread would be higher in the list.

You can see the rest of Google's 2020 Year in Search here.

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