This Ominous IKEA UK Ad Reminds You to Be Eco-Conscious

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New year, new goals — or maybe, just new energy to tackle old goals. If you're thinking about sustainability and how you might ​actually​ be able to implement it into your space this year, IKEA's got you covered. To really drive the message home, the retailer released a UK commercial that features a giant asteroid made of trash heading to Earth.

The ad shows items like an herb pot, towel drying rack, and reusable coffee mug. When the eco-conscious people in the video use these items, the asteroid loses more of its scary debris. Soon, only a measly little plastic water bottle lands in a backyard.

Lesson learned: If our trash were turned into an asteroid it would probably be huge but we can help make it smaller. Or something like that?

Watch the full ad below.

(h/t: The Drum)

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