This Weird IKEA Holiday Ad Reminds Us to Not Waste Food

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Today in wacky things we watched on the Internet, IKEA has released a Russian ad that's all about food falling from the sky.


In the video, people are outside just enjoying their lives in the winter weather when objects like a giant pineapple top, a drumstick, and a wedge of cheese drop out of nowhere. The little kid in the ad runs for shelter as a giant mandarin orange threatens to roll over him (a nearby dog, however, is freaking excited to see some ham appear in front of him).

He makes it home and sees his mom tossing leftovers in the trash and his face is all "mom, what the HECK?" and she looks out the window to see more food pieces raining down.

But then! They start packing away the food bits in containers — which you can, of course, find at IKEA in all sizes. So lesson learned: If you don't want flying food scraps to ruin your holiday, make sure you don't toss any of it.