This Quirky, Retro-Style Furniture Is Made from Recycled Materials

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We're always here for sustainable design and a new collection is further proving you can have both chic ​and​ eco-conscious pieces.


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London- and Milan-based design/lifestyle company Supernovas recently unveiled its Afterlife collection, a series of objects made with recycled and recyclable materials. Odd Matter, a design studio helmed by Els Woldhek and Georgi Manassiev, worked with the company to make the items both stylish and circular.

The pieces are "made from recycled plastic waste streams such as PE and PET — namely those found in bottles, packaging, squeeze bottles, toys, gas and water pipes," according to Supernova's site.


So far, the collection includes the Bench, which retails at around $1,984 (all of the prices are in Euros) and Crate, which retails for about $474. Both items are 100% weatherproof, so you can use them either indoors or outdoors.


The bench can stand on its own or be stacked to create a system of shelves. Both pieces are currently available for pre-order and, according to a press release from Supernova, the brand "will release new colourways according to the waste streams available throughout the year."

The colors and shapes of these pieces definitely remind us of the resurgence in popularity of '80s aesthetics and Memphis design this year. They're quite an investment, but we're excited to see where the future of eco-conscious furniture design might go.


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