Floyd's New Standing Desk Is Minimal and Chic

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Who knew the desk would become one of the most important furniture pieces this year? Whether you're thinking about how to best use your desk space or considering making a gallery wall above it, there's plenty that goes into creating a chic ​and​ productive setup.


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And with so many people sitting at home for hours on end, the standing desk is, naturally, a great option. American furniture brand Floyd just recently dropped its new desk with this in mind.

Made in collaboration with Fully, an office furniture brand, The Standing Desk features birch ply and all-natural linoleum. An OLED touch programmable handset lets you adjust the desk height. It's available in six different configurations, each with a black or white steel frame. It's minimal and chic, and definitely a sign that the standing desk is going to keep evolving as we spend more time at home.

The desk starts at $865 and you can find out more here.


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