Ina Garten's Kitchen Essentials Will Get You Ready for Holiday Cooking

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Another day, another peek into where some of our favorite pop culture icons live. Ina Garten, cooking expert and TV extraordinaire, recently took ​New York Times Cooking​ into her barn to talk about the essential items in her cook space. The barn, she explains, is separate from the house, so she can whip up her best content for her fans there before retreating back home (aka work/life balance).


And while we all can't have a separate barn to concoct our fave quarantine dishes, we ​can​ take inspo from the items she loves the most. Read on for some shopping suggestions if you're going to spend the holiday cooking and baking, and watch the full video here.

1. Staub Ceramic Bowls (set of 2), $60

For starters, Garten likes to keep certain condiments out of the fridge, so she lines them up on her counter. "Lemons are better at room temperature because they have more juice." These bowls are chic and will help you keep things organized.

2. CB2 Mini Gold Spoon, $4.95

Garten keeps a jar of "antique silver spoons" nearby so that she can taste as she goes. We love this modern gold one to shake things up.

3. Williams Sonoma Stainless-Steel Mechanical Timer, $12.95

"I don't want to put something in the oven and forget about it." A good timer comes in handy for all sorts of cooking and baking projects, of course.


4. Crate & Barrel Taylor Oven Thermometer, $8.96

You also need a good oven thermometer to make sure the temperature is ​just​ right.

5. Crate & Barrel Bamboo Food Scale, $29.95

For those recipes that require precision, Garten recommends you get your hands on a good kitchen scale.

6. Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Food Mill, $70

When talking about her food mill, Garten says "I just adore it."


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