Lulu and Georgia's New Arrivals Are SO Good

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Lulu and Georgia, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. First, the furniture and decor brand knows how to combine earthy textures with trend-forward colors and items for a look that is instantly sophisticated. Second, their goods feel special and curated, the opposite of "mass." If I could do my entire home in Lulu and Georgia, I totally would, which is why their latest drop is making me seriously question whether I need a refresh. Read on for items to bookmark:

YESSSSSS to actually chic menorahs! They are so hard to come by and Lulu and Georgia selling ceramicist Virginia Sin's new creation is so appreciated.

I recently revamped my living room and sat by my computer for weeks, refreshing Lulu and Georgia's backordered Nurae rug and while I do love my Nurae rug ... DAMN this new Joelle rug is ::chef's kiss::! Should I switch out? Y/N? Yes?

Small spacers, rejoice! This clever little table is ideal for tiny entryways or odd corners.

These ceramic knot ornaments are guaranteed to make your tree look picture-perfect.

The subtle grid motif on this hand-knotted rug is the modern accent your living room is missing.

Who doesn't love a good vintage accent? This earthy-toned pillow will bring texture to a couch or chair.

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