Bearaby's Velvet Napper Is Perfect for Stressful Times

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The only thing better than a nap is a nap when you're swaddled in a luxurious velvet weighted blanket — and that's exactly what you can achieve with Bearaby's new limited edition Velvet Napper.


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Launching for pre-order today and shipping on November 17, the Wintry Gems Holiday Collection spins the brand's popular velvet weighted blanket into a gem-tone color palette spanning a range of pinks, greens, and one cool silver. It comes in three weights: 15 pounds ($269), 20 pounds ($279), and 25 pounds ($299).

Weighted blankets are known for providing a soothing, calming sense to their users — wrapping one around you kind of feels like you're getting a hug — but the coolest thing about the Velvet Napper, in particular, is that it's woven from an incredibly soft material made from recycled marine plastic. How awesome is that?

Shop the blanket here.


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