This Origami-Inspired Mask Is a Sign of the Future

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Real talk: Face masks are here to stay for a long while. As such, they're going to become (or, actually, are already) a major part of our daily lives, which means they should be as chic as possible to develop some sense of style.


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That's why experimental design studio Zimarty, led by the husband and wife duo Ziba Esmaeilian and Maysam Ghaffari, developed a fashionable face mask called zMask. Zimarty is known for its ceramic, glass, and 3D-printed jewelry that it deems "wearable architecture," and the sculptural zMask certainly fits within that purview.

Inspired by origami, the face mask features a series of folds that keep the lightweight (and hand-washable!) natural fiber surface away from your face, giving you space to breathe and talk — and preventing your makeup from getting smudged! Plus, that natural fiber material is biodegradable, so when it's time to invest in a new mask, you don't have to feel guilty about throwing it away.


Zimarty sells the innovative and supremely stylish mask for $45 on its website — you can buy it here.

[h/t Design Milk]


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