The Inside's New Dining Chairs Can Double as Desk Seating

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In this "new normal" we live in, our homes are now the center of our world — they're not just where we live, but also where we work. And if you have a small space, your furniture might need to serve dual purposes — which is where The Inside's new dining chairs come in.


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The custom furnishings company has a range of products from sofas to beds to ottomans that can be upholstered in one of more than 100 fabrics in different colors and patterns. The new dining chairs are the latest pieces to be added to the collection.

There are two models — one with armrests and one without — and they're actually designed to work as desk chairs, too. Browse them below and shop them both here.


1. Classic Dining Chair, $299

2. Classic Dining Armchair, $349