14 Sleek Gift Ideas for Minimalists

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

Buying gifts for minimalists is tricky in part because it feels like a contradiction — these are people who define themselves by being pared-down and posh in every area of their lives, so knickknacks and clutter (especially the kind that are often impulse buys as the holiday shopping season ticks perilously closer to a close) just won't do.


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If you've left your favorite minimalist for the end of your list this year (it happens!), don't panic — and ​don't​ reach for the nearest stocking stuffer. Scroll on for our favorite minimalist-approved picks, with sleek aesthetics, clean lines, and a high-design air they'll appreciate — even if it's a little last-minute.

1. Jayson Home Brass Nails, $2

Getting down to gifting brass tacks — er, brass nails. These hand-forged solid brass nails are exactly what they say they are — nothing more, nothing less. And that's kind of the beauty of them. They're great for impromptu hat-hanging, securing artwork, or even as a hang-out spot for favorite necklaces. They're kind of silly, but they're also kind of great ... which we think is the perfect balance of practicality and humor to appeal to most minimalists.

2. Oddbird Co. Holiday Box, $225

We know what you're thinking — that looks like a lot of stuff for a minimalist. But take a second glance and you'll see that the contents of this expertly curated gift box perfectly follow the two cardinal rules of minimalist gifting: 1) consumables are king and 2) multi-purpose-ness is next to godliness. The clever folks at Oddbird have acquired a legion of fans for their wildly multi-use handwoven Turkish towels, which double as shawls, blankets, picnic seating, hair wraps, etc., so of course one is included in the box — but the other finds are sure to be just as well-received. Consumable treats like bath salts, coffee, and NOTO Botanical's famously multifaceted body oil make for a luxe experience that lends itself to a "less-is-more" lifestyle. Trust us.


3. Areaware Minim Playing Cards, $12

These hyper-minimalist playing cards ​almost​ enter the realm of parody, but they'll always make for a nice stocking stuffer — and it's fun to play good old-fashioned card games during the holidays.

4. SNOWE Marble Accent Bowl, $35

Available in a restrained palette of black, white, or grey marble, these sleek accent bowls are as good for cocktail garnishes in the kitchen as they are for jewelry on the bedside table or paper clips at your desk.

5. Vermicular Musui-Kamado Cast Iron Induction Cooker, $670

Not only is the Japanese design of this high-end induction cooker absolutely flawless, but it also appeals to both the minimalist aesthetic and the minimalist ethos as well. The stunning cast-iron pot can be used on the stovetop as well as in its specially crafted induction stove base, and like any good multi-cooker, it can do anything from sear to sous-vide. But the accessories are where it really scratches the minimalist itch. Vermicular's magnetic walnut trivet is so brilliant, we can't believe we haven't seen it before — it locks securely to the base of the cast iron for flawless cooker-to-dining-table transport. Oh, and as you might expect from the first induction cooker we wouldn't mind leaving out on our countertop year-round, it looks great as well.


6. ANAIS Candle The Venus Candle, $53

If your giftee is sort of a "maximalist minimalist" — i.e. someone who loves a good Art History-inspired look but gets a little extra with it — a Venus candle is a very cool gift. This one comes from a New York-based company that uses all-natural beeswax and soy waxes for a clean burn.

7. BlueAir Air Purifiers, from $120

We all know we should be using air purifiers at home (especially now), but so many of them are so ... disappointing looking. Or overpriced. Or both. But these new plug-and-play models from Swedish-designed BlueAir are endearing, unobtrusive, and shockingly affordable — a win-win-win.

8. Lambert & Fils Dot Line Floor Lamp, $1165

Understated in every way, this unique floor lamp is designed to lean gracefully against your wall ... and it could definitely pass as a piece of modern art.

9. Rupert Höller Framed Art Print, $69


A double-take-inducing photo composition that's as striking as it is satisfying.

10. CB2 Black Marble Get Organized Jewelry Tree, $80

Modern black marble and acrylic give this a sleek, timeless look — and while it's designed for jewelry and small accessories, it'd be a great help in any minimalist's work-from-home setup, too.

11. Li Zanwen Heng Balance Lamp, $70

This lamp is a classic for a reason — it's delightfully minimal, but it's playful, too. (We don't think we'd ever get tired of the satisfying "snap" of the magnetic balls as they turn the light on or off.)

12. Gilded Body Carrera White Marble Candle with insert, $68

The genius of Gilded Body's candle is that it's in two parts: a sturdy (and stately) marble vessel and gold inserts with the actual wax. This means you can swap them out without acquiring a ton of glass or ceramic candle jars everywhere (a person can only use so many makeup brush cups). A true minimalist will appreciate both the "waste not" mentality, as well as the luxe look of the vessels — and their guilt-free ability to "collect them all" when it comes to scents.


13. Sunday Citizen Bolster Pillow, $95

A yoga-oriented bolster pillow that's pretty (and textural) enough to double as decor on the couch after practice? We didn't think it was possible ... but here it is.

14. Tronco 20 oz Glass Tumbler, from $16

We can't be the only ones who feel silly drinking out of a massive travel thermos when we're spending 99% of our time at home lately, right? These handsome tumblers are an easy solution — they're mobile, obviously, but also Scandi-chic enough that you don't have to play "beverage musical chairs" when you get home, either. And they come in sets of up to 8, so your favorite minimalist can outfit a crowd (if they so desire).


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