Sales of This Candle Have Increased 527% During the Pandemic

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I don't know about you, but I've fully hopped on the pandemic trend-wagon: baking, puzzles, gardening, all of it. My latest, almost-borderline unhealthy obsession is with candles. I have one in each room, and a system for which get lit during different times of the day. Why? I think I'm just desperate for ways to elevate my home. Or maybe I'm trying to escape?


Apparently, I'm not alone in my increased candle activity. Candle makers large and small have been reporting surges in sales. Homesick, a home fragrance brand specializing in candles focused on identities and experiences — think scents created for states, cities, and events like "New Job" or "Summer Camp" — has reported a whopping 527% YTD sales increase on their "Hawaii" candle.

Explains Homesick's Director of Product & Merchandising, Lauren Lamagna:"This fragrance has clearly struck a chord with our community, with some telling us in reviews they purchased it to 'take them to Hawaii' after having to cancel vacations, and because the universally pleasing blend of fresh, fruity, and floral notes delivers a soothing mental escape during trying times."

Makes TOTAL sense. And frankly, I'm confused as to why I haven't been purchasing candles that remind me of trips. Adds Lamagna, "A lot of customers have also been sending it to friends and family as a 'staycation' gift, and taking advantage of our new personalized printing feature to stay connected to their loved ones far away."

So, if you're looking for a holiday gift perfect for the person who is completely stressed, or the family who is losing their minds being cooped up — this candle, with notes of pineapple, coconut, and seashore, is sure to release good vibes.

Buy now: Homesick "Hawaii" Candle, $34


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