15 Gift Ideas to Make an Already Impressive Bar Cart Even Better

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

We all have that friend with the perfect bar cart. When you walk into their apartment, it's always stocked with top shelf liquor, outfitted with the proper tools, and arranged beautifully. It seems like your favorite cocktail connoisseur has it all when it comes to their mixing station, so what do you buy them for the holidays? Well, we actually have a few ideas. From enlightening books to stunning glasses to unexpected instruments, these are the gifts that will make an already-impressive bar cart even better.

1. Another Round: 200 Trivia Questions for Cocktail Nerds, $22

Games are an inherent component of drinking culture and this one is a must-have. Designed by the editors of PUNCH, it includes 200 trivia questions that will stump even the most knowledgeable imbiber.

2. Anthropologie Blue Pheasant Kaarl Cocktail Spoons, Set of 12, $148

The striking polished horn makes these long-handled cocktail spoons stand out. With a dozen of them in your arsenal, you'll never be without an elegant stirrer.

3. Bormioli Rocco Italian Classic Cocktail Glasses, Set of 16, $100

Lean into the Italian aperitivo lifestyle with this retro set that features coupes, Nick and Nora glasses, martinis, and fizzes. With this luxurious variety, you'll always have a fitting vessel at your disposal.

4. Breville PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro, $109.63

To achieve a professional, smoky cocktail at home, look to this innovative, hand-held appliance that produces cold smoke to infuse into foods and liquids. It's a real game-changer.

5. MoMa Divine Proportion Bottle Opener, $18

There is a reason why this stylish brass bottle opener is particularly pleasing to the eye — its design was inspired by the golden ratio, a mathematical proportion that's used in art and architecture to create satisfying dimensions.

6. Fruitsuper Design Cocktail Sticks, Set of 8, $48

Whether you call them swizzle sticks or cocktail picks, these stainless steel garnish tools are a bar cart essential. With a mix of short and long, you'll always have the appropriate spear for an olive or fruit wedge.

7. Good Drinks: Alcohol-Free Recipes for When You're Not Drinking for Whatever Reason, $20.69

A true mixologist knows that quality drinks don't actually require any spirits. This new release from non-alcoholic beverage expert Julia Bainbridge offers compelling, flavorful recipes that forgo the intoxicating element.

8. Graf Lantz Felt Coasters, Set of 4, $24

Playful, merino wool felt coasters are the ideal resting place for a well-crafted cocktail. They naturally resist stains and absorb moisture without feeling wet.

9. Jonathan Adler Mr. & Mrs. Muse Bottle Stopper Set, $48

This quirky, porcelain duo will keep bottles fresh once they've been opened and add some artistic flair at the same time. As part of the recognizable Muse Collection, the pair have a fun, surrealist look.

10. Mosser Glass Juicer, $42

Freshly squeezed juice can elevate a cocktail immensely. This gorgeous, colored glass reamer will make your fruity drink dreams come true.

11. Roebling Cut Crystal Highball, Set of 6, $295

Sip in style with these chic, crystal glasses that are cut with straight lines to mimic the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge. They're well-suited for long drinks like a mojito and a Tom Collins.

12. Schott Zwiesel Pure Punch Bowl, $130

A good party host will always have a go-to punch bowl on hand for serving big batch cocktails. This sculptural crystal version is a contemporary take on the iconic piece.

13. Spirited: Cocktails from around the World, $34.78

With 610 cocktail recipes from 60 countries, this new tome is an elaborate reference source on the topic of drinks. It covers everything from beloved classics to lesser-known regional specialties from the past 500 years.

14. Food52 Vintage French Cut Glass Whiskey Decanter, $98

Each one-of-a-kind decanter in Food52's vintage collection was discovered in a flea market in the south of France. If that's not authentic, we don't know what is.

15. Williams Sonoma Whiskey Stones, Set of 8, $14.95

Anyone who likes their drink on the rocks — but not watered down — will appreciate these soapstone cubes that absorb the icy freezer temperature and transfer it to the liquid.

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