These Dads Built and Donated Desks for Families in Need

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If you need a little emotional boost today, we have a heartwarming story for you. Three California dads are aiding families in need — specifically ones that are struggling to make distance learning work for their children.


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As many parents know, it's not easy to get your kids to sit down in front of a computer all day for virtual school, especially if you don't have a home office to help minimize distractions. (And even if you do, you might need that space for yourself!)

That's why Fresno-based fathers Fernando Rivera, Andres Ruiz, and Martin Vasquez set out to build child-size desks to donate to families in need.


The three dads started the project for their own kids, who needed a dedicated learning space in their homes. "We decided, well if we're going to take the time and designate a day to it, let's throw it up on Facebook and see if any friends would be interested," Ruiz, a carpenter, told CBS News.

According to CBS News, the trio has built about 200 desks so far, 120 of which were donated to families across California, while the remainder were sold for $50 to $65 to help recoup costs of materials. And in addition to desks, the men are putting together care kits with school supplies, healthy snacks, and even equipment like headphones, thanks to donations from generous patrons.

But Rivera, Ruiz, and Vasquez aren't stopping there — they plan on continuing the project to help out as many families as they possibly can. If you're interested in donating supplies or funds, purchasing a desk, or being put on the list for desk donation, contact the team through Ruiz's company, Ideal Cabinetry.