What Room Would YOU Paint Period Red?

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That's a provocative question, isn't it? And it's meant to be.


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At the end of September, Pantone, the New Jersey-based color registry, released a new color in conjunction with the Swedish health brand Intimina. Dubbed, simply, Period, the warm red color is meant to evoke a healthy menstrual period (if you are among the more literal-minded) as well as a pro-woman spirit of being bold, daring, confident, and self-assured.

"It may be the 21st century, but periods are still often considered shameful, mysterious, and a taboo that should not be talked about publicly," the company said in a statement.


And the color Period was meant to counter that.

Pantone immediately garnered headlines — including in The New York Times — and got props for making such a bold statement in support of menstrual equity and period pride.

It also received its fair share of criticism — including that releasing the color was simply a PR stunt (or worse, virtue-signaling).


But Pantone is not the first nor only company to create a product that flies in the face of the menstrual stigma. Period has much larger implications for home design than, say, Thinx's Period Sex Blanket. How would such a bold color red work as paint in the average home or apartment? A Period-colored bathroom? Office? Bedroom?

To know where and how to use it best, it pays to listen to those who think about color for a living.


"Red is the color of action and passion," says Gala Magriñá, founder and principal of the holistic interior design firm Gala Magriñá Design in New York. In her line of work, color is incredibly powerful and influential. Magriñá has said that we take in color vibrations not only through our eyes, but also our skin — and even in our sleep.

So, choosing a powerful color like Period for your space is not inconsequential. "It is a highly energetic color," Magriñá explains. She suggests using it thoughtfully, and sparingly.


"I think this color would be best suited as an accent wall to inject some life and energy into a home office, gym, or play room — somewhere where a lot of activity takes place," says Magriñá.

And while plenty of design rules are meant to be broken, most designers or color experts — Magriñá, included — would advise against using a bold red in the bedroom, or any other room where your goal is to relax.


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