A Beautiful Mess x Etsy's Collection Proves Autumn Can Be Sunny, Too

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Yes, we love the colors that the change of seasons bring. But who says you can't have a good dose of bright color in autumn decor?


Sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess teamed up with Etsy to reveal a collection that's equal parts sunny and chic. There's stationery to brighten up someone's day, kitchenware to make your dining table a little more stylish, and stoneware items to make things feel even more cozy. The duo worked with 15 Etsy creators to bring this retro, cheery collection to life.


Here are some of our fave items.

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1. A Beautiful Mess x Etsy Thank You Card Set, Greeting Card, $23.50

2. A Beautiful Mess x Etsy Elephant Wall Hook, $25


3. A Beautiful Mess x Etsy Stoneware Pink Tumbler, $36

4. A Beautiful Mess x Etsy Rose Quartz Coasters (set of 2), $55


5. A Beautiful Mess x Etsy Stoneware Star Pour Over, $60

6. A Beautiful Mess x Etsy Large Shell Pillow, $74