The Sill Just Dropped *Three* Brand-New Plants Online

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If you're anything like us, you may have added a plant (or five) to your home during quarantine. Like online plant company The Sill simply puts it: "plants make people happy." And plant parents are about to be even happier. The Sill added three new and exclusive plants to its online shop — including pet-friendly, low-maintenance, and colorful options — that you're going to want to add to your plant fam ASAP.


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Check out the latest additions below and find even more plants at here.

Ponytail Palm, $62

The pet-friendly Ponytail Palm is so accurately named because of its funky leaves flowing from the top of its trunk like a ponytail. This plant loves bright indirect light or direct sunlight and needs to be watered every two to three weeks.


Red Aglaonema, $69

Brighten up your plant collection with the Red Aglaonema, a low-maintenance plant with stunning green, pink, and red leaves. It's a low-maintenance plant (great for new plant parents) that thrives in medium-to-bright indirect light and needs to be watered every one to two weeks.


Sansevieria Moonshine, $55

The Sansevieria Moonshine is another low-maintenance plant with gorgeous foliage in a silver/green color. This plant is also a natural air purifier removing toxins like formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. It can tolerate low-light but loves medium-to-bright indirect light and needs to be watered every three to four weeks.