Brooklinen's New Towel Collection Will Make You Forget About Your Canceled Spa Vacation

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Buying new towels isn't something we normally get super-excited about — but that's because, in the days before buzzy, trendy styles like flat-weave Hammam towels, big-box store offerings tended to fall a little flat. Traditional towels were always too prone to shedding, too matted after a few washes, or took too long to dry. But the latest collection from editor-favorite brand Brooklinen puts all those problems in the past — and makes the thought of stocking your bathroom with a fresh set of towels seem downright dreamy.


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The brand's first-ever waffle collection is really the best of all possible worlds, towel-wise. The unique waffle weave provides a plush feel without compromising dry time and features a unique "Goldilocks" square design: not too large, not too small, but "juuuust right to quickly absorb water and dry efficiently." Each piece is sold in budget-friendly bundles of two, making these some of the most affordable luxe towels we've seen lately. And the benefits don't end there.The waffle weave also means that the bath towel is light enough to wrap your hair in, while being gentler on follicles than your standard towel set — a major plus for those of us with thick, slow-drying locks, gold or otherwise.


The collection is composed of bath sheets (an extra-generous size preferred by tall bathers everywhere), standard bath towels, hand towels, washcloths — and the piece de resistance, the bathrobe. Whether your old towels are looking a little worse for wear or you just want to treat yourself to a little moment of spa-like indulgence during a stressful time, this collection will infuse your bathroom with comfort and serenity — and unlike Goldilocks, you won't have to confront a family of bears to find your perfect fit.

Brooklinen's waffle towel collection ranges from $12 for a washcloth set, to $150 for a full "move-in set" complete with bath mat, and is available today.