This Woman Is Trying to Trade Up a Bobby Pin FOR A HOUSE

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For so many millennials, we just feel completely screwed by the housing market. Especially if you live in an urban area where median prices are high, it can feel LITERALLY impossible to own a home when you essentially need a six-figure down payment. It's a situation that has caused us to think up hypothetical hair-brained schemes to get into a home — many we can't say we're proud of.


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But San Francisco-based Demi Skipper is actually trying to accomplish the dream of a "free" house with a trading project she's documenting on TikTok (@trademeproject). Her goal? Trade a bobby pin up to eventually acquire a house. Yes. A bobby pin. FOR A HOUSE.

Remarkably, Skipper is doing better than you would think. Her first trade was a bobby pin for a pair of earrings, which she traded for some margarita glasses, which eventually landed her a vacuum, then a snowboard. She's since managed to trade her way to an Apple TV, laptop, Canon camera, and a pair of Nike Blazers.

Of course, the exposure Skipper has gotten has likely helped — she's amassed over 3.5 million followers since May. And what keeps Skipper motivated is the fact that a similar situation happened before successfully; she cites a 2006 project in which a man traded a paperclip up for a house.

So, uh, why didn't any of us think of this before?