West Elm Becomes the First Home Design Brand to Take on the 15 Percent Pledge

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As we uplift Black creators, designers, artists, and voices in the home decor and design space, it's important to consider the retailers we support and buy from and the roles they play when it comes to the fight against racial injustice. While we're forever supporting Black-owned home and lifestyle brands both big and small, the 15 Percent Pledge is a movement dedicated to holding major retailers accountable for making more space for the Black community by designating at least 15% of its shelves to Black-owned businesses. The latest business to commit to this pledge is West Elm, making it the first major retailer in the home goods category to do so.


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According to a statement, West Elm has a three-part plan to uphold its commitment to the 15 Percent Pledge. First, West Elm plans to increase its design collaborations with Black designers, artists, and Black-owned brands by at least 15%. Second, the retailer will support more Black makers and Black-owned small businesses within its West Elm Local space. Third, the retailer will "increase the share of Black employees within West Elm's corporate workforce to a minimum of 15%, as well as strengthening the retail to corporate pipeline." In addition to putting a plan in place to support the Black community, West Elm will also make a multi-year donation to the 15 Percent Pledge.


"We could not be happier that West Elm has stepped up and pledged its commitment to supporting a community of Black-owned businesses, artists, designers, and makers," Aurora James, founder of 15 Percent Pledge Foundation, said in a statement. "As a champion of social responsibility causes, we commend West Elm for the brands' leadership in the design space and look forward to working with them on their accountability measures to hit the 15% benchmarks."

West Elm is one of three major retailers including Sephora and Rent the Runway to join the 15 Percent Pledge. As a consumer, you can support the 15 Percent Pledge by signing the petition online and urging other retailers to hold themselves accountable and take on the pledge, too.