Modsy's New Virtual Home Design App Is a Game Changer

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Modsy's latest innovation makes it so easy to upgrade your interiors, you can do it with a glass of rosé in one hand. (Hey, we all have our preferred ways of relaxing.)


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While the digital interior design brand's previous process of uploading and inputting images and dimensions manually to the website didn't exactly require users to be rocket scientists, it did require a tape measure — and, preferably, two sets of hands (not ideal in social distancing times). But, Modsy's new app, which launched today, has done away with all that, meaning it's truly never been simpler to get started on the track to a better space.

The app uses "proprietary, industry-first" technology to scan your space into hundreds of reference points as you walk around the room, creating a scale 3D model of whatever parts of your home need design help with surprising accuracy and speed. From there, the company's tried-and-true formula of designer-prescribed decorating ideas, infinite room revisions, and shoppable in-app content takes over — but that doesn't mean the app's only improvement is the "walk-in-a-circle-and-scan" thing.

Modsy has also tricked out their mobile app with a few other clever nods to the interface, borrowing a very familiar-looking "swipe right to like" feature that helps users dial into their ideal design style. (As someone who literally forgot that dating apps were ever fun, I was surprised to find how much I loved this feature.)

And if you're working within a space with unusual architectural details, you'll appreciate the app's ability to fine-tune the model of your space where the desktop version didn't come quite as close. For example, my living room features a series of brick alcoves, which the app rendered beautifully — making the 3D imaging feel distinctly like my space. The final designs are, as always, true to your home and to your personal style, and Modsy prides itself on letting you chat personally with your designers to tweak your space to your heart's content.

The app is free to download, but, just like the browser version, design packages range from $89 to $499, depending on how many rooms you'd like to make over. Whether you're looking to re-tool a major part of your home or just interested in playing around with some "what if?" redesigns to keep boredom at bay, the new app is a style savior for these strange times.

The new Modsy app is available for iOS in the App Store, starting today.


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