People Are Returning From Quarantine to Find Potatoes Have Taken Over Their Homes

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If you live in a city, the pandemic has probably had you dreaming about getting the heck out of there to escape to somewhere more peaceful. (And if you have actually been able to decamp safely to the country, nice work if you can get it.)


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One downside, of course, to leaving your home for months at a time, is not knowing what you might find when you get back. In the case of France-based Twitter user @donna9p, she came back to her home after being away for three months, she writes, to find a sack of potatoes had sprouted into something alien-like:

The sprouts had gone so far as to even make holes in the sides of her shelves to push through. Her tweet, which she posted on June 12, has gone viral, with tons of other people chiming in with similar experiences.


This Twitter user jokes about having a heart attack upon opening their cupboard:

Another writes, "Same story. But mine were less ... invasive."

Here, a user jokes about a potato sprouting so far, it "tried to take a knife":


So, what the heck is going on here? Turns out, potatoes can continue to grow even when not in the ground, explains The Food Network. "All [potatoes] need is darkness and moisture — making your kitchen or pantry an ideal place to start growing 'eyes.'"

As for whether or not those potatoes are safe to eat, The Food Network advises that potatoes are still edible if you remove the sprouts with a knife or peeler. Only thing to be wary of is if the potato is green, which means it's gone bad.


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