This Design-y Hands-Free Tool Distances You From Germs

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With the pandemic, we've seen a whole slew of inventions and reinterpretations, from face masks to industrial-sized hand sanitizing stations to no-touch tools. The concept of a no-touch tool isn't quite new — we wrote about the Peel back in May. Now, another option has come to our attention, and we gotta say ... it's mighty handsome.


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Meet Craighill's Sigma Touch Tool, a piece of machinized brass designed to help you interact with high-touch surfaces.

The end allows you to tap (helpful for doorbells, ATMs, street crossings), while the curved form can grip door handles. What we love the most is the look: It truly seems like something beautiful you'd put on your key ring just because. And at just $30, it seems like worthy investment to help you stop touching so many public surfaces.


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