This Video Shows What Home Inspectors ACTUALLY Do

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Home inspection can be one of the most nerve-wracking steps of buying a home. If you're the buyer, you find yourself bracing for a disaster which may eventually make you back out of your purchase. If you're the homeowner, you may find yourself hoping there's no unknown significant issue that will bring down your home sale price.


So, how does one person figure out whether a home is safe and of fair value? This supercut video from Structure Tech Home Inspections shows you how home inspectors do their job — in just three minutes. And it's actually really fascinating. So, what do they test/look for?

A few interesting ones: wobbly railings, gas leaks (which you can test for with dish soap!), faulty outlets, wacky circuit breakers, wiring problems, leaks of all kinds, backed-up drains, loose shingles, and wood rot. Fun!