Urban's New Swedish Dish Cloths Erase Your Need for Paper Towels

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It's, like, okay, Sweden, with your IKEA and your socialized medicine, we get it — you are wicked smart. If you don't already know about the Swedish dish cloth, you're about to see just one more thing that proves the Swedes do things right. These reusable pieces of fabric are super-absorbent (absorbs up to 20 times its own weight in liquid) and fast-drying, basically making them way more efficient than paper towels. And now that Swedish dish cloths have just landed at Urban Outfitters, they're even easier to incorporate into your kitchen.

The retailer currently has nine different styles available. There's a graphic collection, which includes prints like blue triangles, floral peaches, or a traditional Swedish motif.

Another collection is more illustrated with monstera leafs, cats, sloths, or mushrooms.

For something extra summery, there's also a cloth with a citrus design that says "squeeze the day."

They're $14 each, which may seem like a lot for a square of cloth — but when you consider that these can basically replace paper towels and will last for several months, you'll actually be saving money by cutting down on your disposable waste.

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