These Hand Sanitation Stations Are Peak Kris Jenner (and We Are Obsessed)

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There's a new wave of hand sanitizers reaching the market — and they're fancier than ever before. Touchland is emerging as the cool-kid brand of the pack for its neon colors and sleek packaging. (It's also sold at Urban Outfitters, so you know it's hip.)


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Yesterday, we found out that a) Kris Jenner is a fan (not that we care but we do), and b), Touchland is now making sanitizing stations you can bring into your home to make sure your clan (and guests, eventually) can easily rid their hands of germs and viruses. (While Touchland is marketing these as commercial, there's currently nothing we could see that would prevent an individual from purchasing one.)

The "smart" Touchland KUB dispensers are touch-less, come in a variety of colors, and start at $199. They can be poised on a flat surface or mounted on a wall or stand. Sadly, they're all currently sold out (thanks, Kris), but you can sign up to get a notification when they're back in stock.

We think it'd be a great solution for large families — put one near your door so everyone sanitizes their hands upon exit/entry.


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