Magnolia's Rustic Summer Collection Is for Nature Lovers

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As our sights move toward summer and ways to bring the sunshine inside, greenery seems like the best idea. Fortunately for plant lovers, Magnolia just released its new summer home collection which heavily features natural materials, plant accessories, and hues inspired by nature.


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You can find the classic Magnolia offerings, like throw pillows and plant stands, but this collection also includes gems like a bottle of plant nutrients and seedling pots.

Here are some of our favorites; check out the full collection here.

1. Champagne Poppies Waxed Planter Kit, $12.99


2. Sunflower Cassie Vase, $12

3. Woven Basket Planter with Saucer, $26


4. Finley Copper Pillow, $69

5. Recycled Bamboo Seedling Pots with Tray, $28


6. Bristol Woven Tray, $36

7. Leather Strap Basket, Small, $66


8. Oliver Alarm Clock, $50

9. Kya Bamboo Mirror, $124


10. Olivia Plant Stand, Short, $113

11. Water Hyacinth and Seagrass Hamper, $60