Drake's Mattress Costs $390k — But Why?

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ICYMI: Drake's insanely luxurious 50,000 square foot Toronto home was recently featured in the pages of Architectural Digest. It's replete with lots of rich people-type things including a regulation-size basketball court, a bespoke concert grand piano designed by artist Takashi Murakami, and marble everywhere.

But readers have found one detail to be particularly curious: Drake's mattress apparently cost $390,000??

If it's not made of gold, how does a mattress even begin to earn that price tag? Vice did some digging to find out more information on what may very well be the world's most expensive mattress: It comes via Swedish company Hästens and is a collaboration with the artist and designer Ferris Rafauli.

Dubbed "the Grand Vividus," this all-black behemoth (literally, it weighs half a ton) is completely handcrafted. As Vice reports, the Grand Vividus is actually a more high-end version of an existing Hästens mattress called the "Classic Vividus," which only costs $190,000, NBD. "The basic differences between the Classic and the Grand versions are in the amount of horsehair (yup, you read that right), the number of springs, and in the time it takes to construct it by hand. Four certified craftsmen work for around 600 hours on each Grand Vividus, while a Classic Vividus can be finished in half the time."

So, uh. Worth it?

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