This IKEA Gardening Tool Is Less Than $5 and Perfect for Beginners

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Forget feeding your sourdough starter — with spring in full session, why not turn to gardening for your next lockdown hobby? It's relatively easy, time consuming, and quite affordable. If you're starting from scratch, you'll want to snag IKEA's new Gräsmarö three-in-one gardening tool, which is perfect for beginners.


Costing just $3.99 (buy it here!), the Gräsmarö comes with a trowel, a hand rake, and a bulb trowel, all made from super durable fiberglass-reinforced plastic. And for those who are prone to losing things, they even come with a detachable ring to keep them all together.

Need some more gardening tools and supplies? Shop some of our favorite new gardening products from the Swedish retailer below, and check out even more here.

1. Jackfrukt Pruning Shears, $7.99

2. Boysenbär Plant Pot, $12.99

3. Chilipulver Watering Sensor, $4.99

4. Vattenkrasse Watering Can, $9.99

5. Tomat Spray Bottle, $0.99


6. Stjärnanis Flower Box, $24.99

7. Gradvis Plant Pot, $5.99

8. Socker Watering Can, $12.99

10. Buskbo Plant Stand, $19.99

11. Jackfrut Herb Scissors, $3.99


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