Seth Rogen's Pottery Skills Are Surprisingly Good

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On this week in Internet gems, we just found out a well-known celeb knows how to make a chic vase.


Video of the Day

We previously heard rumors of Seth Rogen's ceramic skills but this latest tweet proves it once more:

Look at that variety in shape! The shiny finish! The speckled pattern! (His kiln, by the way, is named Brad Pitt).

People on Twitter are loving them:

While they're not for sale right now, it's a great time to support independent makers. Here are some vases in similar styles that will also help out small businesses:

1. Alex Beck Ceramics Tall Triple Orbed Decorative Yellow Bud Vase, $50

2. Danielle Joy Studio Flower Vase, $36

3. Maia Ming Designs Speckled Clay Vase, $29

4. 53 North Ceramics Handmade Ceramic Bud Vase, $15.60

5. Ronit Yam Pottery Small Cylinder Floral Vase, $44.10


6. Hana Bui Ceramics Midnight Blue Curvy Vase, $24