Stanley Tucci's Bartending Skills Are Going Viral and So Are My Feelings

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Every now and then, something happens to remind you of the fact that Stanley Tucci is a national treasure. For my parents, this was the time they were seated next to him in an airport bar and periodically (at least four times a year) bring up the "time they had lunch with Stanley Tucci."


Video of the Day

For the rest of us, that comes in the form of this video Mr. Tucci himself posted to his Instagram — which is now going crazy-viral. In it, he calmly demonstrates how to make a Negroni. In the first few seconds of the video, you will likely find yourself thinking:

  • What is this snazzy jazz music? Why yes I am ready for a cocktail if you say so, Mr. Wonderful. It's 8 a.m. but fuck it.
  • You, sir, know how to wear a pair of pants.
  • And your arms are ::fans face::
  • That antique silver cocktail shaker? MARRY ME!!!


So, here is Monsieur Tucci's recipe for the perfect Negroni — served up, not on the rocks (very important):

  • Put "a fair amount of ice in a shaker." "Use your hands ... it's the most hygienic way."
  • A double shot of gin. "If you don't like gin, you could use vodka."
  • A shot of sweet vermouth. "And use a GOOD sweet vermouth"
  • A single shot of Campari. "Made in Milan." (OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO CLASSY.)
  • Shake it up.
  • Garnish with a slice of orange.
  • Serve in a coupe.