Urban Outfitters Is Selling a Corn-Shaped Stool: Y/N?

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We are all for wacky decor ... but it's got to work within a room and look wacky, not wAcKy — ya feel?

Which is why we're feeling pretty confused by this Urban Outfitters new arrival: a resin stool/side table shaped like an ear of golden corn, complete with a bite (we think?) taken out of the side.

We just can't quite picture how this would really work in a home? We could see it working in, like, a nursery. Or, um, a corn company? Urban is also selling a few similarly themed food stools. There's an ice cream cone, a stack of donuts, or a triple-decker hamburger — all are priced at $210 each.

So, what do we think? Cool? Disturbing?

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