Zappos's New Customer Service Line Is for Anything — Toilet Paper Included

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Current events are making both individuals and brands get creative but there's something we didn't see coming: Zappos unveiled a customer service line you can call to ask about anything.


The Customer Service for Anything (aptly named) number lets you inquire about whatever you might need, without having to actually buy anything from the site. The site offers examples like calling to chat about your latest Netflix obsession; asking where you can find flour near you; or inquiring which restaurants near you are doing takeout. You can also text a number to chat.

Other possibilities include one question we have on our minds: "How are you feeling? Are you doing OK with all these people calling in asking for help from you?"

We called and waited no time at all to get a friendly voice on the line. We asked if the customer service associate could find any toilet paper near us. He got back to us with info on two stores that had it nearby. Zappos says they'll call grocery stores for you, but this associate seemed to use a website or Instacart to look up in-store stock and suggested we give the store a ring to double check (which is easy to do, of course).

We also chatted about the challenges of finding toilet paper, even back when this all started. The associate sounded friendly and cheerful, though he agreed that it was a tough time to be in.

You can find out more about the customer service line here, although we're not inclined to bog them down with requests. Everyone's just trying to get through each day right now, tbh.


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