What Happens When You Combine Every Lush Bath Bomb (Because Boredom)

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Are you part of the Lush bath bomb cult? The beauty retailer is known for their bath bombs that come in wildly creative shapes and scents that can turn your bathroom into something that, yes, might look a little crazy, but is undeniably fun. I mean, who wouldn't want a dinosaur-shaped, green-tea-peppermint-scented bath bomb decorating a countertop? (I think?)


Because we live in the times of Why the Eff Not, YouTuber Safiya Nygaard has released a video in which she combines every single Lush bath bomb variety into one "franken-bomb." Just because.

Here's her methodology:

  • She first split up the 46 different bath bombs from Lush into nine color categories.
  • Break down each color in a food processor.
  • Form into a new bath bomb with a pro-grade bath bomb press.

To be clear, she's trying to make one normal-sized bath bomb that contains all the "flavors" — not a giant one.

The end result? You'll have to watch the video to find out more, but we will say that the franken-bomb will turn your bathwater a decidedly swamp-like green. Fun?


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