Etsy's 2020 Home Decor Trends Feature Vintage Gems and a Bug Motif

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You can easily fall down a rabbit hole (or two) when browsing all the indie-made goods on Etsy. And to make things even easier (harder?) the company recently released some data on which items have consistently made their way into shoppers' carts. Etsy's 2020 home decor trends cover everything from vintage gems to planters — and we're favoriting a ton of new stores.


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These are the items with the biggest increases in searches, over the last six months in comparison to last year:

  • Redefined Resin: up 62%
  • Burl wood: up 14%
  • Eco-conscious fabrics: 14%
  • Suspended planters: up 16%
  • Bee motifs: bee knobs up 69%; bee wallpaper/decals up 25%; bee home items up 27%
  • Seashell shapes: shell lamps up 31%; shell pillows up 14%
  • '70s sunset art/prints: up 99%
  • '70 art/prints: up up 14%
  • Ancient accents: statue/bust planters and vases up 47%; ancient, Greek, or Roman statues or busts up 36%

Check out some of the stylish Etsy finds in these trendy categories:

1. Bee and Blush Pink Marble Effect Resin Ring Cones, $16.79

2. RL Wood Design Burl Vase, $62.72

3. Sami Couper Avocado Dyed Cushion Cover (15 inches), $28.43

4. Buchlyvie Pottery Large Grid Hanging Planter, $34.89

5. Catherine Rowe Design Honey Bee Pattern Wallpaper (9 feet), $84


6. Forty Six 5 Designs Vintage Blue Ceramic Seashell Lamp, $120

7. Circa 78 Designs Golden Horizon Print Set (11-by-14 inches), $60

8. Smart Prints Studio 1970s Rainbow Retro Print Instant Download, $6.19

9. Lil Maisons Michelangelo Statue of David Air Planter, $37

10. Jasmin Decor Art Venus Planter (White Gold), $52.99