Is This the Most Insane House on the Market in the U.S.?

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There's no better time than being in the middle of a massive economic crisis to buy a ridiculous piece of real estate, am I right or am I right? For those looking to drop some serious coinage, look no further than this Russian Hill, San Francisco mega-property that just hit the market. Before we talk moolah, let's see what specs we're dealing with here ...


Here, you can see the 20-person outdoor dining room and the outdoor firepit.
  • The property spans a full city block
  • The main house has 5 bedrooms and 6.5 baths
  • There's a separate 1-bed, 1-bath "wellness cottage" complete with sauna, steam room, hot tub, kitchen, and massage room
  • 270-degree San Francisco views
  • "Batcave" entrance to the garage
  • Infinity edge pool with underwater speakers
  • Kitchen with three ovens
The expansive kitchen.
  • 20-person outdoor dining room with outdoor screening area
  • Outdoor kitchen with wood-burning pizza oven
The lower level features this marble bar.
  • Glass elevator
  • System to reduce EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies from WiFi)
  • Wardrobe with heated marble floors
  • TV in the shower
  • A car turntable in the garage that allows you to turn around your car so you don't have to 3-point turn it around
The one-bedroom "wellness cottage" on the property.
  • Art gallery (that could be converted to a climbing wall or more space to display cars)
  • Wine storage for 1,000 bottles
The personal art gallery that can be converted to a squash court or car storage. There's also a DJ hookup and special party lights.

So, how much are we talking? A cool $40.5 million. No big deal. You up for it? Take the entire tour via Architectural Digest's YouTube below:


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