9 of Our Favorite Tweets and Memes About Working From Home

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It's been a rough few days (weeks). And while it can get overwhelming to constantly have access to information on the internet, the world wide web and social media have also given us some gems to make us laugh a little.


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Take, for instance, these humorous spins on what it's like to suddenly work primarily from home.

1. First off, let's just all agree that this is totally accurate:

2. We can absolutely relate to outfit changes:


3. When you're stocking up on the essentials (without hoarding of course);

4. For those us suddenly realizing what it's like to work with our S.O. every day:

5. And for anyone who needs some advice on easing the tension:


6. When your furry friends can't help but be curious about what you're doing:

7. Or when said furry friend is very confused about why you're home so much:

8. Although we can't thank our pets enough for offering us priceless entertainment:

9. And if you're looking for another game to pass the time, we recommend this bingo:


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