8 Lap Desks That Will Make Working From Anywhere Much More Comfortable

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Suddenly, many of us are working from home for the foreseeable future — whether we like it or not. After the novelty of taking conference calls in pajamas wears off, we need to find ways to keep ourselves motivated and productive. Since purchasing an entire office setup is unrealistic for most people, we're resorting to the next best thing: A lap desk.


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The portable, sturdy surface allows you to comfortably work on your laptop wherever you're sitting, without having to balance the often-hot computer on your thighs. Many of these lap desks also offer space for additional occupational luxuries like a mouse, a cellphone, a notebook, or a snack. We've rounded up eight highly functional lap desks so you can give a professional performance at home.

Lightweight and equipped with a handle for mobility, this lap desk can move wherever you do. The comfortable foam pad is removable, so you can attach and detach it to suit your needs. A cord protection loop is included to prevent tangles.

If you're looking for extra work space or you're using a larger laptop, this oversized lap desk will do the trick. The additional surface area also primes this piece for crafts, food, books, and more. Its plush memory foam cushion adds to the allure.

Laptops tend to overheat when you place them on a closed-off surface. This durable bamboo tray has solved that problem with cooling cut-outs that allow the heat to dissipate. The useful piece also has angle adjustment ability, a designated cup ring that prevents sliding, and a handy drawer to store supplies.

You'll never lose your phone between the couch cushions or wrapped up in a blanket with this lap desk. It boasts a slot designed to hold your phone, so you can set it down horizontally or keep it propped up vertically for use. The funky patterned cushion is filled with microbeads, so it adapts to create a level surface.

This compact, minimal lap desk is outfitted with textured, anti-skid pads that will grip your laptop to avoid sliding, while a double rubber strip on the bottom grips your lap for a stable display. Glide the retractable mousepad in and out whenever you please.


Both angle- and height-adjustable, this lap desk offers five elevation levels and four surface tilt options. The soft wrist rest prevents strain, while retractable blockers keep devices from sliding off. Legs neatly fold beneath the table for effortless movement. Plus, it can be used as a standing desk.

Eight angles are available with this adjustable, portable lap desk, so you can situate yourself with optimal comfort. It also allows you to nicely prop up books and tablets for hands-free use. Overstuffed, dual-bolster pillows offer even, continuous support.

Foldable, metal legs make this laptop cart easy to transport from the bed to the couch to the chair. The laminate tray tilts to your preferred angle, while there remains a flat section to rest a mouse or other items. The bright color will quickly enliven any space.


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