IKEA Just Dropped a Plant-Related Collection That's All Under $30

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The insta-friendly, calm-inducing vibes of plants aren't going anywhere any time soon — especially if we end up spending a lot more time indoors. Thankfully for plant lovers, IKEA just released a new collection that's all things green.


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Not only does the Botanisk collection feature plenty of plant-related items, it's also all about artisans. For this particular launch, the Swedish retailer tapped six social entrepreneurs "whose business ideas are based on creating work in regions where it's most needed," according to a press release.

The items were created by more than 5,000 skilled artisans in places like India, Jordan, Romania, and Thailand. You'll find lots of natural materials in the items; and it's not just the usual suspects (like planters), there's also decor and plant-related tools. Everything is just under $30, making it an affordable selection, too. Check out some of our favorites below and shop the full drop online. (And if feel like you don't have a green thumb, you can always shop chic faux plants, too).

1. Botanisk Hanging Planter, $9.99

2. Botanisk Cushion Cover, $19.99

3. Botanisk Gardening Bag, $19.99

4. Botanisk Hanging Storage, $12.99

5. Botanisk Mold for Paper Pot, $17.99


6. Botanisk Throw, $29.99

7. Botanisk Plant Pot Hanger, $4.99

8. Botanisk Plant Pot, $14.99


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