The Sill Just Restocked This Sold-Out Instagram-Ready Plant

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As common as seeing millennial pink or a catchy neon sign, plants are having a major decor moment right now. But it's not just about their aesthetics — we keep seeing more plants in homes probably because they are something you get to nurture and watch grow over time. And in major cities, walking into a home filled with plants feels like a breath of fresh air.


Just ask online plant company The Sill, which recently restocked one of its customer favorites: the Maranta, or prayer plant.

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"The prayer plant is always a top seller," Erin Marino, Director of Marketing at The Sill, tells Hunker. "It's easy to care for and can thrive in almost any room. The Maranta plant is also non-toxic, which makes it a great fit for plant parents with pets or kids."


Why do people love it so much? Well, it doesn't help that it's pretty Instagram-able. It's also pet-friendly and only requires watering every one to two weeks. It's also "known for its ability to raise and lower its leaves from day to night, a phenomenon scientists call nyctinasty," according to a recent email.


The Maranta plant was previously online around mid-December but sold out just a few weeks into 2020 — so we recommend snagging it ASAP if it calls to you.

Here's to adding another plant (or two) to your apartment-turned-terrarium.



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