Why Spring Is a Great Time to Sell Your House, According to Zillow

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Want to take spring cleaning to the next level? Get rid of your house entirely! According to Zillow, mid-to-late spring is the ideal time to list your home.


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If you're looking to maximize your profit, you'll want to put your home on the market in early May. Zillow reports that homes across the country often sell for approximately 1% more than predicted (which translates to around $2,100) if they're listed during this time.

What if speed is what you need? Homes that hit the market in April sell fastest, up to an entire week faster than average listings posted during other months. The good news: You can still do well money-wise during this time, too, with homes selling for an average of $1,500 more than expected.


Early May listings go pretty quickly themselves — they usually sell six days faster than average. So really, you can't lose this season if you're ready to sell your house!

According to Zillow, spring is already known as an ideal season to get going on your listing. This data just helps to back up that claim. Another theory: People who function on academic calendars often look in the spring so they can set up their new digs in the summer break.

For a specific breakdown of ideal times to list your home by metropolitan area, visit check out the full study here.