The Etsy Items That Can Help You Get Through 2020's First Mercury Retrograde

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It's that time of the year again — no, we don't mean spring cleaning or even Easter. We mean (sinister drum roll) Mercury retrograde. It's the first one of the year and it's happening from February 17 to March 10. Get ready for a dose of chaos!


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Thankfully, there are ways to prepare for this strange time. Back up your devices, double check that email/text before you hit send — you get the idea. And when it comes to the home space, consider making everything as cozy and organized as possible.

Here are some of Etsy's picks for getting through the season, along with a few of our favorites:


1. Chalkboard Chique Cork Board and Chalkboard, (Walnut Modern Frame), $35.36

Mercury retrograde is notorious for making our technology and email go on the fritz. Take the analogue route instead and keep important dates and reminders on this chic chalkboard/cork board all-in-one piece.


2. Nightshift Ceramics Modern Ceramic Incense Holder, $29

Unwind from the chaos at the end of the day by placing some calming incense on this chic holder. It also goes great with other minimalist decor.


3. Durido Moon Calendar 2020 (11 inches by 16 inches), $34.95

Keep track of all the moon's cycles with this stylish calendar. Also great for planning your full moon rituals.


4. Sew Happy to Help Scented Eye Mask, $9.49

Mercury's chaos giving you a headache? Try a scented eye mask like this one.


5. Shop Home Comforts Two-Toned Ceramic Candle, (16 ounce), $24

Few things help us decompress like lighting a candle in the evening and settling into a cozy mood. Opt for a pared-down pick like this two-toned ceramic candle.


6. Calhoun and Co Safe Space Black and White Cotton Throw Blanket, $118

Sometimes you just need to hide under a blanket for a little bit. This one's a great pick and sends a clear message to anyone who tries to bring bad vibes into your space.


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