Grandma Chic Is Coming for Your Easter Eggs, Too

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With every Easter season comes one of the best arts-and-crafts traditions of all time — decorating Easter eggs. While many of us stick to the standard dip-dyed hard boiled eggs (maybe with a bit of a white-crayon resist, if we're feeling a little bit fancy!), there are actual Easter egg artisans out there doing pretty dang incredible stuff with the humble egg.


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This year, we're already seeing some beautiful eggs make their way around Instagram, and we've noticed one big trend among them. Apparently, grandma chic is in, from old-school floral patterns to crochet! Check out some of the egg decorating styles we've found below. Do you love them or hate them?

1. Hand-painted florals

Who needs a canvas when you have an egg?


2. Watercolor-style florals

Watercolor markers should be a go-to for Easter egg decorating.

3. Crochet

Does it get more grandma-chic than crocheted Easter eggs?


4. Blue-and-white florals

We're diggin' the porcelain vibes.

5. Old School motifs

These eggs edge on the side of avant-garde, but they're still rooted in grandma-chic motifs, like fruit and butterflies!


6. Paisley-esque

Metallic earth tones give these paisley-esque patterns some edge.

7. Floral resists

There it is — the white-crayon resist we all know and love! Complete with a grandma-chic floral drawing.

8. Embroidery-style patterns

These textured patterns have embroidery vibes.

9. French Romanticism

Was this egg laid by a bird or Marie Antoinette?