Exclusive: Ruggable Just Launched a Fully Machine-Washable Shag Rug

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When it comes to Ruggable rugs, the hype is real (they even got the Hunker editor seal of approval).


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The company has officially flipped the rug industry on its side — not just by making stain-resistant and affordable styles, but by offering entirely machine-washable rugs made in a two-piece system that includes a rug cover and non-slip rug pad. Until now, Ruggable's lineup has included "low-pile and lightweight" rug covers, but if you've been wanting something a little more plush and cozy, you're in luck: Today, Ruggable has officially launched a brand new shag rug collection.

The new high-pile Shag Collection is still machine washer-friendly and comes in white and dark gray hues and various sizes, including runners (2.5x7 and 2.5x10) and more standard-sized area rugs (3x5 and 5x7). The prices are comparable to the original styles and start at $139.

Plus, the best part? If you're already a Ruggable rug owner, the shag rug covers are easily interchangeable with any same-size Ruggable rug pad for a lower price. That means you can swap it in for winter and go back to a sunny yellow for summer if you want.

But, transparently, this isn't Ruggable's first shot at shag rugs. In 2018, the company debuted its first shag rug cover, but ultimately recalled it to rework the product for the new and improved features we see in the 2020 collection.

"We re-formulated the fiber content of our shag rug to feature modacrylic, which is soft yet durable, able to withstand machine washing, and comes out looking fresh and good as new," Ruggable tells Hunker. "We also improved the fiber construction to ensure our shag rug maintains the same level of spill and stain resistance of all our rugs."


To dive a little deeper, the new shag rug cover is made with "easy-to-wash synthetic textile fibers and a polyurethane layer which helps make it water-resistant" and prevents spills from leaking through the top cover, the company explained.

"The system can quite literally withstand whatever life throws at it: dirt, dander, dust, drools ... even pet accidents," Ruggable says. "Our goal has always been to create a scenario where homeowners, renters, parents, and pet owners can spend less time worrying and more time living."

And when those inevitable spills or accidents do happen? The Shag Collection is as easy to wash as Ruggable's other rug covers. When it comes to cleaning the Shag Collection, Ruggable recommends separating the rug cover from the rug pad, flipping the rug cover inside out, and washing the rug cover in cold water on a delicate cycle using a mild, non-bleach detergent. The only difference in washing the Shag Collection is that you can add a fabric softener during the wash cycle to prevent the fibers from getting tangled. When it comes to drying the shag rug covers, Ruggable recommends that you hang dry or tumble dry the rug cover on the lowest heat setting. (We had the opportunity to give the shag rug a spin — literally — in advance, and can attest that the white runner came out of the wash as good as new after a low heat tumble.)

Pro tip: You can also spot-treat any tangles by mixing one-part fabric softener and one-part water and running through the pile with a slicker brush.

If you're sold on trying out Ruggable's new shag rugs — or just as curious as we were — you can shop the Shag Collection on Ruggable right now.

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