Pinterest Says This Will Be the Biggest Valentine’s Day Gift Trend

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Who doesn't love scouring Pinterest for cute gift ideas and inspiration? The photo sharing site just shared its Valentine's Day gift guide highlighting what is currently trending on users' pages and what people are searching for.


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One of the biggest trends for 2020? Eco-friendly gifts that show you both love the planet as much as you do each other. Pinterest says searches for zero-waste travel essentials are up 48% while those looking for ways to live a more low-waste lifestyle are up a whopping 446%.

With that in mind, we rounded up a few of our favorite eco-friendly gift ideas from the site — and beyond — below. Check out Pinterest's full gift guide here!


1. Dish Block® Zero Waste Dish Washing Bar, $22.98

This vegan dishwashing soap block not only lasts forever, but is strong on grease and grime from dishes, pots, and pans. Made with aloe vera to be gentle on your hands.


2. Bamboo travel utensil kit, $23.00

This bamboo utensil kit travels easily and will allow you to skip plastics when out and about.


3. Standard Baggu, Daisy Chain, $12

Speaking of plastics, give your loved one an easy option for saying no at checkout to those plastic bags. This Baggu works great for running errands but also packing your lunch.


4. A Living Tribute Tree Gift, $9.99

Plant a tribute tree for a loved one in a national forest. These trees will be planted on protected lands to help restore forests that have been damaged by wildfires, natural disasters, and other accidents.


5. Package Free Zero Waste Travel Kit, $70

Includes everything you or a loved one needs for a more eco-friendly trip, from bamboo cutlery to a reusable sandwich bag.


6. Takenaka Bento Box, $29

A great way to replace all those single-use plastic bags used to carry lunch every day.


7. Wildflower Seed Bomb Cello Sleeve, $8

Have fun throwing these flower "bombs" everywhere you'd love to see a blast of wildflower color in your drab neighborhood. It would make a great couples activity as well.


8. Madewell x charity: water Bkr® Water Bottle, $40

This stylish water bottle not only looks good, but 50% of the profits from the sale will go to support Charity:Water and its mission of providing clean, safe drinking water to more than 663 million people without access. The bottle was designed by Tal Winter and Kate Cutler of Bkr (pronounced "beaker,"), in the brand's signature silicone-encased glass style.


9. Arbor Army Blue Cloth Cocktail Napkin (set of four), $44

Besides its chic style, the purchase of this napkin can actually help plant four trees, according to Arbor Army. They are ethically produced and a great alternative to single-use napkins.


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