These New Emojis Are Perfect for Describing Home Decor Woes

bedroom with small desk nearby
credit: Stephen Paul

It's been a rough 2020 already — and it's only January. But some fun news just brightened up our year: there are 117 new emojis coming soon! (Hey, it's the little things that keep us going.)

While we're jazzed about some of the funkier additions — like a dodo bird and a fondue pot — we're most excited for the home decor, DIY, and home improvement emojis.

Here's our quick and easy guide to using the new characters when texting about your home decor woes!

1. Screwdriver

screwdriver emoji
credit: Unicode

"Send help — I'm building IKEA furniture."

2. Saw

saw emoji
credit: Unicode

"It's demo day!"

3. Sewing Needle

needle and thread emoji
credit: Unicode

"This DIY upholstery project is not going as planned."

4. Potted Plant

potted plant emoji
credit: Unicode

"How do I keep my new plant friend alive?"

5. Window

open window emoji
credit: Unicode

"Open up the windows — it's time for spring cleaning."

6. Plunger

plunger emoji
credit: Unicode

"I'm really stuck. I need some design inspo, stat!"

7. Mirror

mirror emoji
credit: Unicode

"Should I finally hang up my wall decor?"

8. Ladder

ladder emoji
credit: Unicode

"Remind me why I wanted to decorate above my kitchen cabinets again?"

9. Bucket

bucket emoji
credit: Unicode

"There's a leak!"

10. Magic Wand

magic wand emoji
credit: Unicode

"Actually, I don't like the new paint color. Can I poof it away and get a re-do?"

Stefanie Waldek

Stefanie Waldek

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