Here's One Simple Switch That Can Make Your Home Way More Sustainable

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As much as we love a clean home, some common household supplies aren't that great for the environment (especially when it comes to certain chemicals and excessive plastic packaging). You may think that making the switch to paper products is more eco-friendly but in reality, "household paper is a category where small consumer change can have a huge impact," explains Stuart Landesberg, Grove Collaborative Co-Founder and CEO. "The historic impact of virgin pulp paper is tragic, with millions of acres of ancient forests clear cut that will never return."

So how can you keep your home nice and tidy and still be sustainable? Opt for tree-free products.

And that's where Seedling comes in. Made of 100% responsibly-grown bamboo, Grove Collaborative's Seedling Line is not only completely paper- and plastic-free and recyclable, but with each purchase, a tree is planted in the United States through the Arbor Day Foundation. (By 2022, Grove will have planted over 1 million trees!)

"Today's sustainability challenges have never been more urgent — but, for a lot of consumers, it can feel overwhelming to figure out how to make small changes to their routine that will have a positive impact on these issues," explains Danielle Jezienicki, director of sustainability at Grove Collaborative. "[Seedling] is a good example of the low-hanging fruit of sustainability updates that we all need to prioritize to reduce our impact on the planet and keep our consumption within the confines of what the earth can actually support."

Ready to make an easy, but super effective, change? Check out a few paperless options from Seedling by Grove Collaborative below.

3-Ply Jumbo Roll Tree-Free Toilet Paper (8 rolls), $7.95

Compostable Kitchen Cleaning Wipes (40 count), $3.95

Reusable Paper Towel, $12.95

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