This Once-Trendy Pattern Is Phasing Out in 2020, According to Google Trends

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While 2020 might be the year of color blocking, modular seating, and black kitchens, it's not going to be the year of the once-beloved pattern chevron, according to a report by Living Spaces.


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According to data the retailer pulled from Google Trends, chevron hit its peak in 2014, but has since seen a 73% decrease in interest. There's no clear reason for the downturn — chevron is a pretty timeless pattern, after all — but Living Spaces argues that it's just become a little too basic.


If you're interested in a similar look, consider herringbone, which is chevron's slightly edgier sister (we mean that literally — it has a busier pattern along its edges compared to the more straightforward V-shaped chevron).

Chevron isn't the only trend that's hitting the highway this year: According to the report, we'll be seeing less of mason jars, rose gold, and mosaic backsplashes, too. New year, new decor trends.