A Dinosaur Rattan Basket Is the Star of New H&M Home Kids Items

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Whether you're debating a nursery theme or changing the look of your toddler's room, there's plenty of inspiration out there to get you started. We like to check up on H&M Home once in a while to see what they've got going on, and it turns out they added some seriously adorable kids' items. And we see one common thread: lots of dino-themed items. A classic.

Here are some of our favorite new additions:

Hooded Bath Towel, $17.99

Few things look as adorable as kids' hooded bath towels, especially when they come with dinosaur scales.

Dinosaur Storage Basket, $34.99

What's better than a rattan basket? A rattan basket shaped like a dinosaur.

Hanger, $14.99

This hanger can obviously work in any space but we could see it fitting right in with the other kids' items.

Cord with Pennants, $12.99

If you just need a little something to bring the look together, this pennant adds a nice touch. We could also see it working for birthday parties.

Hopscotch Print Cotton Rug, $34.99

No need to draw a hopscotch game. This is a great alternative, especially for rainy days when your kiddo needs to stay inside (plus it's adorable as just decor).

Cotton Twill Storage Basket, $17.99

Teaching kids to keep their rooms organized is tough, but it's probably more fun with cute baskets like this one.

Wall Decoration, $17.99

A whimsical take on a classic decor item (no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this piece).

Soft Toy, $5.99

If the thought of a dino head on the wall would make your kiddo sad, hand them this plush toy instead.

Canvas Wall Organizer, $17.99

Again, staying organized seems easier with bunny-themed items.

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